sábado, 14 de abril de 2012

League of Legends: Ashe, a escolha certa(Dominion)

Fala galera, Khalisto novamente, e dessa vez para trazer um vídeo de Dominion com a Hero ASHE! Espero que gostem, e se gostou, clica em Gostei, add o vídeo ao seus Favoritos, comente o vídeo, e claro, INSCREVA-SE no meu canal.
Abrass, e bom vídeo!

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pmvs disse...

The site builds and the type of char really ruin the game? no one thinks on the best way of play the champ, because all have different types, the the Lore of League is very important, if you say the type of champ, and we have builds online, a champion became stagned, and only late, people will discovery of them, all champ, can play on all positions, so why not? Lulu one of the best top ever, Ziggs is a double ganker? lol why? if he farm a lot mid, like we easyly do, if you put some AS and AP, you can farm wasily and give lich bane a great pull ..., with build done at net, you don't need to look for items .. and then you have counters ... the game is all about gaining money faster than other, more xp, more farm and more items ... ziggs seems agressive but he is invencible if he defends and ganks ... lulu gives the jungler the oportunitty to dive with ulti, slows ... and farms quite well ... so why not a good top? i've played vlad ad/ap carry and they can't win me, that's just great ... and support is not always about sustain, but about cc, and harrass too .. fiddle is a good support .. that fear is so op .. why not try? why not let and ad carry alone in mid? no mana, easy farming no? lol ... people don't get the strategy, this game is all about personality lol  think about it give opinions, i can show you some vids and builds ... even galio can't beat my ziggs .. ;p

Fly Nachos disse...
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Fly Nachos disse...

Estou começando a fazer videos de lol e o link esta abaixo. porfavor assistem e deem opiniões para que eu melhore nos próximos videos.

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